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OSCP Journey – Week 17 – Exam Attempt #3

This week I sat for my next OSCP attempt….unfortunately it was a fail again. The good news is that I increased my points….I scored 50 points with two full shells (35), a partial shell (10), and of course the lab documentation (5 points). My previous I attempt I was only able to score 40 points (full shell, partial shell, and lab documentation).

I have decided to sign up for Hackthebox for some additional practice instead of signing up for more lab time. Hopefully this will give me some different exposure and help me crack the 70 point mark. Defeat is never a fun feeling, however I am quite optimistic about my chances if I keep plugging away…I mean I am literally one full shell away from passing! I could tell that my strategy is improving from the last attempt and I need to keep refining my strategy, specifically for gaining the initial shell and privilege escalation…I feel pretty confident about my Buffer Overflow strategy.

OSCP Journey – Week 14 / 15 / 16

These last few weeks I have been working on honing my skills and really trying to focus on improving my weak areas. Several of the new shells I have received were a result of enumerating better and finding those hidden vectors to break in. Once I found the hidden vectors, I made sure to do privilege escalation and get to the root/system level shell. In addition to my enumeration and privilege escalation focus, I went back through buffer overflows for both Windows and Linux to refine my process. It is pretty interesting how far I have advanced since I first tried the PWK/OSCP course back in 2015 not only from an ability standpoint, but also from a research and learning capability perspective.

Course Pages: 380 / 380

Lab Shells Popped: 18