Red Team

OSCP Journey – Week 17 – Exam Attempt #3

This week I sat for my next OSCP attempt….unfortunately it was a fail again. The good news is that I increased my points….I scored 50 points with two full shells (35), a partial shell (10), and of course the lab documentation (5 points). My previous I attempt I was only...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Week 14 / 15 / 16

These last few weeks I have been working on honing my skills and really trying to focus on improving my weak areas. Several of the new shells I have received were a result of enumerating better and finding those hidden vectors to break in. Once I found the hidden vectors,...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Week 12 & 13

I have officially extended my lab time by 30 days with the intention of taking the exam again towards the end of August.

As I previously stated my primary focuses during this lab time will be:

  1. Practice hard on Buffer Overflows, my strategy was solid but unfortunately I just needed to practice...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Week 11 - Exam Attempt #2

For those who have been following my OSCP Journey, you will know that I technically sat from the OSCP exam back in 2015 but was nowhere near prepared. Well fast forward to 2019 and I sat for the exam again about 1.5 weeks ago. Unfortunately I failed to get the...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Week 10

One more machines felt my wrath in week 10 from the lab environment, I have a partial shell on one additional box, and command execution on another box. Additionally I have completed almost the entire lab penetration testing report as well as documenting the course exercises. The documentation is required...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Week 9

Another week down! I was able to compromise three additional boxes this week. All systems this week really focused on chaining vulnerabilities together. I was able to get some solid privilege escalation and web application attack practice. The major highlight this past week is that I was able to unlock...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Week 7 & 8

This week is a combined post because last week I was not able to make much progress due to some travel for a training workshop.

I was finally able to finish off the limited access shell that I previously found. Getting the limited access shell was relatively straight forward but then...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Week 6

As far as OSCP goes, this week has been going pretty amazing. I was able to pop five (5) root shells. After the first two fell, I really started to get into the groove and then an additional two fell quickly. I was able to root five manually but I...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Week 5

This week I completed the course reading material. I have a few exercises that I still need to complete but since you are required to do them on lab machines, my time was better spent on coming back to them later. From here on out my plan is to start...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Week 4

Unfortunately I didn’t finish the course material this past week as I had originally planned. I have about 100 pages left, which should be manageable to finish this coming week. Primarily the past week was spent on attacking Web Applications and starting to get into password cracking. Web Applications are...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Week 3

Another week of studying is complete. This week the focus was primarily on privilege escalation techniques. I am still on track so far for finishing the course material by the end of this week, which is good because I am getting a little antsy to start popping shells. I have...Read More »

OSCP Journey – Week 2

Welcome back to the recap for week 2 of my OSCP Journey (Attempt #2). This week started off with the Buffer Overflow (BO) material. Going into Buffer Overflows, I definitely wanted to remain focused as I feel like this was a weaker area for me the last time around. My...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Week 1

Since I was originally going to attempt the OSCP again last year (2018), I rebought the newest version of the course materials but did not look at them since I changed my mind. Therefore this week started off with testing my lab connectivity once I received my credentials, and beginning...Read More »

OSCP Journey - Introduction

So far this year I have been relatively busy with travel and getting back into lifting weights, but recently I have been thinking about which certification(s) I should pursue. The only certification I can think of that would not only have significant clout, but also be achieved in a reasonably...Read More »