OSCP Journey – Week 11 – Exam Attempt #2

For those who have been following my OSCP Journey, you will know that I technically sat from the OSCP exam back in 2015 but was nowhere near prepared. Well fast forward to 2019 and I sat for the exam again about 1.5 weeks ago. Unfortunately I failed to get the required 70 points to pass. With that being said, I do calculate my point total to be approximately 40/100…I was able to get the buffer overflow system fully compromised as well as a partial shell on another system. The 40 points is actually not that far off from a pass, so this actually provides motivation for me to continue the path.

Right now my plan is to get another 30 days of lab time where I will:

  1. Practice hard on Buffer Overflows, my strategy was solid but unfortunately I just needed to practice more because this took 3-4 hours due to not having completed a BO in a while.
  2. Concentrate on Privilege Escalation, I am not so sure that my strategy was flawed with PrivEsc but by the time I got to this point I had hit a wall of progress and was exhausted.
  3. Reinforce enumeration/scanning techniques, I feel like I was a little impatient with scanning and need to make sure I am using the most efficient scanning techniques.

I thought about adding in Vulnhub VMs and Hackthebox CTF machines for practice but honestly since the exam is based on the PWK lab, I think my time will be better spent honing my skills on those systems.