OSCP Journey – Week 1

Since I was originally going to attempt the OSCP again last year (2018), I rebought the newest version of the course materials but did not look at them since I changed my mind. Therefore this week started off with testing my lab connectivity once I received my credentials, and beginning to plan my assault.

I have created a MySQL database that I am going to store various information within such as target IP addresses, credentials discovered, etc. so that I can easily query and form relationships among the data. My first attempt in 2015, I used an excel spreadsheet but I think although a simple solution, it made linking the data together quite tedious and not very efficient. I am still thinking about which note taking program I want to use in addition to the database. Many people have used KeepNote (outdated) or Cherry Tree, so I might try a few before I get deep into the material/lab.

Course Pages: 129 / 380

Lab Shells Popped: 0