OSCP Journey – Week 10

One more machines felt my wrath in week 10 from the lab environment, I have a partial shell on one additional box, and command execution on another box. Additionally I have completed almost the entire lab penetration testing report as well as documenting the course exercises. The documentation is required in order to get the CPE credits for the course, and in order to receive five points towards the exam. My main priority this week is to wrap up all the documentation, then I will start reviewing the course material. If I have additional free time, I will continue to start cracking more machines.

A cool script/tool that I discovered this week is MSFvenom Payload Creator (MSFPC). Remembering the syntax for MSFvenom payload creation can be pretty daunting, but this tool makes it very simple and even provides you the specific syntax if you wanted to manually create a payload.

Course Pages: 380 / 380

Lab Shells Popped: 11.5