OSCP Journey – Week 2

Welcome back to the recap for week 2 of my OSCP Journey (Attempt #2). This week started off with the Buffer Overflow (BO) material. Going into Buffer Overflows, I definitely wanted to remain focused as I feel like this was a weaker area for me the last time around. My plan for the future is to practice BOs frequently to make sure I can confidently execute the tasks required. This section took a while to get through because creating a BO has several steps to find the correct location in memory to attack and then injecting a payload. Here is a walkthrough on BOs for Linux but there are several others depending on which OS is required (just a fair warning, BOs are fairly technical). I also spent a little time messing around in the lab, although this was mainly unstructured scanning and testing some ideas on a few machines.

My goal right now is to have the course material completed within the next two weeks and then start popping shells in the lab with about 60 days left of lab time.

Course Pages: 186 / 380

Lab Shells Popped: 0