do i REGRET getting the CISSP too soon?

Is it a MISTAKE to get the CISSP too soon in your Cyber Security career?

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If you have researched Cyber Security careers or certifications, then you have most likely heard of the “gold standard” choice called the CISSP from (ISC)2. Many people in the Cyber Security career field aim to pass the CISSP exam because it can unlock tremendous value for both six figure salaries and highly sought-after jobs. What people do not often consider is the experience requirement to get certified and how that can impact your career if you pursue the certification too early.

Join me in this video as we talk about my Cyber Security career progression towards getting the CISSP and if I regret when I passed the exam. We only have so much time, energy, and resources to devote to professional training, so it is crucial that we spend them wisely. Do not be that professional who regrets a decision that could have been avoided if they had all the facts.

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