Is the Security+ Enough to Land a Cyber Security Job?

Are you wondering if the Security+ from CompTIA is enough to land a job in Cyber Security?

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Cyber Security is a career field that is booming with opportunity and of course that means that a large amount of people are trying to break into the industry. Due to the high demand, I frequently get asked by people if the Security+ is enough to land one of these highly sought after jobs. This is especially a curious question because people hear conflicting information about either being able to start a Cyber Security career right away or on the flip side, having to work your way up through the ranks in Information Technology FIRST before making the switch.

Join me in this video as we discuss the Security+ from CompTIA and how that fits into the pursuit of a successful Cyber Security career. After this video you will have a much better idea on if the Security+ makes sense in your career or if you can skip it altogether.

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