Configure AWS Billing Alarms Using CloudWatch

Want to configure AWS Billing Alarms Using CloudWatch?

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This video is a clip from a full length video on building a home lab in AWS:

Traditionally, if you were to ask advice on how to build a home lab for practicing with technology, professionals would tell you to go buy a powerful computer or server. The downfalls of buying a powerful computer or server include excessive heat, licensing issues, limited resources, and more. Today, with the growth of cloud computing and the decrease in cost, you have the option of deploying your home lab in the cloud with more flexible options. Although there are several potential cloud options, for this video we are going to focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Join me for this step-by-step video on how to configure AWS Billing Alarms using CloudWatch. We will walk through the necessary configuration steps so that you do not need another beefy computer taking up space. As a result of building your home lab in the cloud, you will also be gaining professional skills that you can take to any job.

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