Hello friends!

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is “How do I start a career in Cyber Security?” Whether somebody is brand new to the technology field or they are working in a different technology job, the question still comes up A LOT! My goal with this Getting Started guide is to provide useful resources that will help answer many of your initial questions.

Before we start, if we are just meeting, my name is Jon Good and I strive to provide Cyber Security training, tips and tricks, and career advice to help people in their journey. You can find my full mission on my about page (http://jongood.com/Mission).

Below, you will find the best resources to help you get started in your journey. I am sure that more questions will come up as you are going through the resources, so feel free to reach out on any of my social media, or if you get an All Access Membership to the website then I also have a dedicated members only forum.

1. Get a FREE copy of my eBook
I have spent significant time on my eBook that will provide lots of knowledge and answer many questions that you might initially have. For example, I provide a road map of skills and certifications that you should consider achieving.

2. Visit the “Beginner Cyber Security Training” playlist
On my YouTube channel, I provide significant amounts of free training, tips and tricks, and career advice specifically on Cyber Security. In the beginner section of my channel, additional information is provided on building experience and key training topics that you will need in your career.

3. Join YouTube Community
On YouTube I provide a members-only community where you can get unique perks based on your membership level such as members-only live streams and video shout outs. Additionally, you can get special recognition for your dedication to the career field, which is a great way to show your commitment to employers.

4. Sign up for All Access Membership to JonGood.com
Although I provide large amounts of training and advice for FREE on my YouTube channel, the videos do include advertisements and other potential distractions. With an All Access Membership to JonGood.com, you will get access to ALL of the videos on my YouTube channel (without ads), ALL of the training courses that I make, and other special accesses for a very reasonable cost. If you ask any of my students, this is by far the best resource that I offer.

5. Book a Career Coaching Session
Sometimes it can be more beneficial to have 1-on-1 attention when it comes to answering questions and getting specific advice. We will meet online where we can review your resume, conduct mock interviews, talk about education, or nearly any other topics you would like to discuss.

6. Grab your Cyber Security Merch!
Working in Cyber Security (and tech jobs) means that you get to wear all kinds of hilarious yet stylish clothing. Visit my merchandise store where you can up your game with not only clothes but also other accessories!

7. Browse Recommended Resources
If you have not found an answer at this point, the resources page is for you. I have searched across the entire internet to provide a collection of recommended resources on everything Cyber Security professionals might want to know and I work hard to keep it up-to-date.