Expert Analysis of the Cybersecurity Workforce Study From ISC2

Want to know critical information about the current Cybersecurity workforce?

Understanding what is happening in the market is extremely important if you want to be successful in Cybersecurity. Every year, studies are performed to better understand employment trends and how things are evolving.

ISC2, one of the major certification vendors, has completed a workforce study for 2023 where they analyze several topics, including:
-Quantifying the cybersecurity workforce gap
-Better understanding of the representation of women and minorities within the field
-Salary benchmarking
-Uncovering effective hiring, retention, and team-building practices
-Exploring management and leadership issues facing CISOs and Boards

Join me in this video as we discuss critical workforce study areas to better prepare for your career journey! If you ignore the job market, you are making a huge career mistake that will cost you time and money.

Cyber Workforce Study 2023:

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