HOW MUCH Does It Cost to Learn Cyber Security?

Want to know how much money you can expect to spend to learn Cyber Security?

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Today, education in general is exploding in cost and it increases every year. Specifically in Cyber Security, we have training prices that would shock anybody new to the career field or outside of the career field. The truth is that sometimes we become so fixated on price and not necessarily with the value of the training, which is arguably a lot more important. Have you ever detached the price tag of training to see if the value alone is worth it? Clearly cost does matter to a certain extent because we only have so much that we can comfortably invest (personal budget, employer, etc.) but what if the training would earn you an extra 40% in your salary?

Join me in this video as we will discuss how much you should reasonably expect to spend on Cyber Security training. The things that I mention in this video are not a onetime consideration and you should use this video every time that you are considering Cyber Security training. Invest in training that provides the value that you desire.

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