HOW TO Pick Study Resources for Cyber Security Certifications

How do you pick study resources for Cyber Security certification exams?

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Every certification that I have ever studied for, has several different options when it comes to preparing for the exam. With all these different choices of study materials, it can be challenging to pick study resources to pass the first time. Luckily, many certification vendors publish official study guides, or they at least provide authors with the materials that they need to create quality training materials. I am a huge fan of not only using multiple resources, but also using a combination of books and video courses. I have found that in my career, the combination of books and videos has made a huge impact on passing an exam the first time.

In this video, we are going to walk through the strategies that I use to pick study resources for Cyber Security certification exams. Do not be that professional who relies on a single source for all their information because that can be a detrimental strategy not only on your exam but also in your career.

This video is part of a series on How to Pass Cyber Security Certifications Quickly:

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