HOW TO Use Practice Exams for Cyber Security Certifications

How do you use practice exams when studying for Cyber Security certifications?

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There is no question that exam questions create a fear or anxiety when we prepare for Cyber Security certification exams. It is easy to second guess how well we know the exam material and then that feeling ultimately impacts our score. Practice exams are a phenomenal way to help alleviate some of the fear and validate that we are knowledgeable enough for the real exam. Unfortunately, people frequently do not utilize practice exams in the most effective way. The most common issue is that people burn through too many questions early on in their studies and find themselves reusing questions.

In this video, we are going to walk through the best strategies to effectively use practice exams in your studies. The strategies in this video have helped me pass numerous Cyber Security certification exams on the first attempt and they can help you too!

This video is part of a series on How to Pass Cyber Security Certifications Quickly:

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