Learning to HACK is a WASTE OF TIME

Why are you WASTING your time learning to HACK?

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Cyber Security is a career field that millions of people are trying to pursue and one of the first areas of interest that comes up is hacking. It is no surprise that Hollywood has done a fantastic job of making hacking “look sexy,” but is that the reality? When it comes to Cyber Security jobs in general, hacking represents a very small portion of the available jobs. In fact, if you went to a job board right now, you would find that the amount of hacking jobs are not even close to the amount of defensive jobs. The truth is that the most job opportunities an demand is on the defensive side. With that being said, does that mean that you should literally abandon learning hacking at all?

Join me in this video as we discuss why learning to hack is a waste of time. I will give you the truth when it comes to hacking jobs and it is up to you whether you want to take the objective evidence provided or if you want to completely disregard the advice and still pursue hacking.

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