What Are the Best Cyber Security Certifications For 2022?

Want to know the best cyber security certifications for 2022?

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Every year I search through job postings, salary surveys, and other various information to find out which certifications are in high-demand and that you should pursue. This year is no different, but you might be surprised by the results. Of course, certifications are only part of the story when you are searching for a job, but they can play a crucial part in getting an interview for your dream job.

Join me in this video as we walk through the best cyber security certifications for 2022! DO NOT be that person who randomly selects certifications without researching what is in demand. Certifications are great but do not waste your time on choices that employers are not requesting in high-paying jobs.

Security+: https://jongood.com/resources/certifications/comptia/securityplus/

Blue Team Level 1: https://jongood.com/resources/certifications/security-blue-team/btl1/

PMP: https://jongood.com/resources/certifications/pmi/pmp/

CISSP: https://jongood.com/resources/certifications/isc2/cissp/

AWS Certified Security Specialty: https://jongood.com/resources/certifications/amazon/aws-certified-security-specialty/

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