What motivates you?

What motivates you? Is money the most important thing in life?

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We all have different motivators in our lives that drive our decisions and what we do, but what motivates you? Many times the motivators that we have are a result of events in our lives or the aspirations that we have. Whenever I ask about motivators, the easy quick answer that many people jump to is money, but is that really what drives you? Working in a technology field like Cyber Security, we certainly have higher salary potential than many other professions, so maybe money is not the best thing to devote focus towards.

Join me in this video as we talk all about what motivates you in your career. After this video, you will realize that identifying your actual motivators takes some focused analysis so that you know what makes you tick. Once you identify your motivators, you can really zone in on what will make you most successful in your career.

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