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Job interviews have been performed the same way for years, decades, and possibly centuries yet they frequently provide results like flipping a coin. When we look specifically at Cyber Security, the results can be even worse not necessarily because the candidate is terrible, but they might not be capable of performing a certain job role. To combat the inaccuracies that result from interviews, many companies like to implement interview processes that are extremely daunting for not only their own staff but candidates.

Join me for this livestream as we talk about the downfalls of interviews in Cyber Security based on real experiences from my career. Additionally, we will talk about some ways that the interview process can be improved without adding unnecessary steps yet improving their effectiveness. I hope that employers everywhere take this advice to heart and start improving the job interview process.

Article: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/jackkellywecruitr_told-to-do-around-10-interviews-a-job-seeker-activity-6815732967692935168-fiVh/

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