Things That Cyber Security BEGINNERS Say (NOOB LOLs)

Are you curious what Cyber Security noobs are saying today?

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Cyber Security is a career field where we have new people (noobs) joining every day. We have people coming from both related career fields (IT, programming, etc.) and from completely unrelated career fields (journalism, legal, etc.). With all these different backgrounds, we still tend to have people asking the same or similar questions that can help provide all people with valuable knowledge. Additionally, as people climb the corporate ladder and reach higher technical or leadership roles, it is helpful to look at where new people are today so that we can help them accelerate their career today.

Join me as we walk through things that Cyber Security noobs are saying today. Although this is not a complete list, these are by far the most common things that I get asked or told by noobs. After watching this video, if you speak with a noob or if you are a noob, hopefully this information will help you better position yourself.

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